Boron for Arthritis Inflammation Review

Boron For Arthritis Inflammation

Can Boron help Arthritis Inflammation?

Boron for Arthritis Inflammation is one of the many topics discussed in the review of research by Lara Pizzomo “Nothing Boring About Boron”. There is nothing more painful sometimes than the inflammation of arthritis. Arthritis inflammation can refer pain throughout the body through the muscle networks, sometimes causing such painful spasms that a trip to the Emergency Room is in order. Worse, there rarely seems to be helpful treatments for the condition. Many arthritis patients are put on a lifelong regimen of NSAIDS (non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs) or even steroids depending on their diagnosis. Their long term use has its own drawbacks. Treatments may then move to joint replacement or immune suppression therapy. Naturally alternatives that were not so drastic might be welcome. Are there any?

According to Pizzomo’s review of research published at, Boron may help in several ways:

Boron for Systemic Inflammation

  1. Boron reduces inflammatory biomarkers (and by implication inflammation),  hs-CRP and TNF-α.
  2. One week of boron supplementation 10 mg/d resulted in a 20% decrease in the plasma concentration of TNF-α (a sign of inflammation), and in remarkable decreases (approximately 50%) in plasma concentration of hs-CRP (C-reactive Protein).

Boron and Osteoarthritis Inflammation

  1. Populations with higher daily Boron intake have lower incidence of arthritis.
  2. In one study, those receiving supplemental Boron were able to reduce or continue NSAID use depending on the severity of their symptoms before supplementation.
  3. Some test subjects reported lessened knee pain with supplementation.
  4. Boron helped with many other issues, including regulating sex hormones.

In all, Pizzomo’s work references 135 published research papers on supplemental Boron. After reading them for yourself, you may wish to supplement your diet with Boron or at least try to increase your intake of vegetables in order to increase your Boron intake naturally to attempt to resolve bodily inflammation in general as well as supplementing Boron for arthritis inflammation.

Note: the book and documentary by the people at “Forks Over Knives” available at Amazon describes a diet that has been shown to reduce markers of inflammation like C Reactive Protein, though their work is conducted without reference to Boron as an anti-inflammatory. Instead, the Forks Over Knives approach is to emphasize the elimination of animal products and increase plant derived antioxidants to reduce inflammation that way, though this approach may possibly work by increasing Boron intake incidentally.

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