About Us

Hi I’m Chuck and am affectionately known as “Information Guy”. This website is home to a growing number of artists, instructors, businesses and organizations who are learning the benefits of having their own Streaming TV channel on platforms like Roku or Amazon Fire! to reach millions of new potential viewers and accomplish their mission.

Let me help you create YOUR own Streaming TV Channel and see these benefits for yourself.  Over 25 millions users and more every day could be benefiting from getting to see you!

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PS Having your own streaming TV Channel is a sure fire way to establish yourself as an authority in your business, profession, industry or sphere of influence!

In addition to helping you position yourself as an authority in your field with  streaming television,  ask about how we use digital and print media strategies  to help you position yourself properly in your profession, business or industry!  We can certainly discuss that as well as part of a free consultation!